INKtober Day 30 – Bugs Bunny in Drag


INKtober Day 30 – Bugs Bunny in Drag

I am winding up INKtober 2020 with some crazy stuff. Bugs Bunny never takes himself seriously and here is a prime example. Bugs loved toying with his enemies by dressing up as a lady and flirting with them…. making a fool out of them in the process. Decades before Monty Python’s Flying Circus went drag for a good laugh, Bugs Bunny had already charted that territory.

In today’s INKtober, I took a few liberties. I made Bug’s butt and bit larger. I also played more with the line thicknesses to incorporate my drawing style. I may go back and thicken the other Bugs Bunny drawings I created. My goal is to make several Bugs Bunny cards for my comic con appearances… if they indeed come back next year.

Bugs Bunny is so much fun to draw! Here is another character I would love to be an illustrator for on their comic book series. Getting a gig would be a chance of a lifetime. The odds of securing such a role is one in a million. It is fun to dream! I will just keep on dreaming and loving my abilities and imagination.


I have been watching the virus spiking again this week. I took off from work to burn my vacation days. My wife and I planned on driving to Galveston and taking a visit to the Moody Gardens Pyramids. The spikes are a bit scary so we are just gonna stay home. The future is looking scary, but I have faith that we will persevere. This will take a little time and we all need to be patient. Wear your masks when in an area occupied by others… whether you believe or not. Just be courteous.

I am hoping to start back on my comic con appearances in May at Comicpalooza. This will only happen should the safety of everyone is no longer affected by this stupid virus. Comicpalooza is a huge show and they are not going to let the show happen should anyone be in any danger. I, as well, will not participate at any show during this crisis. That will mean losing my table investment, but it is better than endangering the safety of all.

I have a scheduled appearance in a week. Because of the pandemic, I never mentioned this. I even purchased TWO tables. I shelled out a ton of cash for this. Tables are non-refundable… so I am about to take a huge hit. For me, it is just not worth the risk. I apologize to anyone who knew about my appearance and was looking forward to seeing me. I promise, I will return next year should the promoter allow me back after dropping out,


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