INKtober Day 29 – Bugs Bunny goes Hollywood

INKtober 2020 - Day 29 - Bugs Bunny goes Hollywood
INKtober 2020 – Day 29 – Bugs Bunny goes Hollywood


INKtober 2020 – Day 29 – Bugs Bunny goes Hollywood

INKtober is coming to a close. This year has been so much fun. I had some issues at work that caused me to fall a week behind on my INKtober drawings, but I muscled through and caught up yesterday. It is amazing what a person can do when they are as passionate as I am about cartooning. Even as my career looks to be crumbling, I persevere because of my love for cartooning and my desire to succeed and make people laugh. You just have to focus on the one or two positive comments you get every couple of weeks and feed off of the kind words of your supporters. Your comments mean so very much to me.

Today, I continue the Bunny in a Hole series with the spoiled Hollywood Bugs. What I love about Bugs Bunny is his ability to take on multiple personas. By going incognito, Bugs can play all sorts of tricks on Elmer who is too dumb to see through Bugs’ disguise. This gives Bugs freedom to display his gifted skills at acting. This INKtober will continue tomorrow with one last “Bunny in a Hole” sketch card.

If there are any sketch cards from this month that anyone wished to purchase, contact me. All will be colored with Copic Markers and be listed for sale mid-November. Reserve yours before it is gone. I do not draw the same illustration twice.


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