INKTOBER 2020 – DAY 1 – Frenchy as Darth Maul

Frenchy French as Darth Maul from Star Wars
Frenchy French as Darth Maul from Star Wars


Inktober 2020 begins!

I came up a day short last year. Comic con appearances kicked my tail last year. I was prepping new art and fulfilling huge commissions. Time got away from me on 2019. This year is a new story. I have not had many commissions this year and shows have been dropping off like Fall leaves. This year has wreaked havoc on artists everywhere. For me, this dream is merely that… a dream. I have a great day job, which I love. So, for me, I am doing more than fine. I can never complain to be honest regarding this pandemic.

For most of my fellow artists, these shows are they livelihood. I keep them in my prayers every night. I miss them all so much. Please be sure to support your favorite artists. They are all waiting to get a commission or two. Reach out to them if you can and get some amazing art for your wall.

Today’s #INKtober2020 entry is a commission I am working on for one of my Patreon supporters. Here is Frenchy French as Darth Maul from Star Wars. I will color this in on Saturday. Frenchy ends up getting about 80% of my commission requests and I am not surprised. Out of my entire cast, she is the most colorful character in the cast. Once the Warrior Wench Wendy comic book drops, I am betting I will ONLY be drawing Frenchy commissions.

Darth Maul has a very intimidating presence. I wanted to convey this with Frenchy. This all comes from the intensity in her eyes. It is quite amazing what an artist can do with a character by drawing strong emotions in the eyes. I find my own face making the same expression that I am drawing. I am sure I looked like I was pretty angry while I drew this. I wonder what people think of me when I am drawing in public. I must look like a total fool.


I am only drawing what I feel like drawing UNLESS someone wants to purchase a commission. If you wish to purchase a 2.5 x 3.5 inch sketch card, contact me at All commissions will be colored with Copic Markers and sent in a hard plastic protective sleeve.

I will be posting daily, so stay TOON’ed


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