Gooser Dadburn is a Crack-Shot in today’s Comic Strip

Today's comic strip goes back to the Old West!
Today’s comic strip goes back to the Old West!

Gooser Dadburn Returns!

I am itching to bring this story of the legendary Gooser Dadburn to life. I have been a huge fan of Westerns on television and on the big screen since I was a kid. My uncles are real modern day cowboys and still work cattle. I have so much love and respect for the both of these true, American workers. They, along with farmers, are the backbone of our country.

I look back at my childhood and realize how lucky I was. Family values were burned into my rearing. We had gatherings at my grandmother’s house frequently. We would hand-churn ice cream and eat watermelons. It was a simpler time. No television shows interrupting the conversations. We all grew to know each other very well. Stories did not come from Hollywood, they came from my family’s stories. I wish I had writen them all down.

My Great Grandfather, Matt Pantalion was the greatest storyteller I ever knew. He would spin one yarn after another. There were tons of old ghost stories. There was one story where Clyde Barrow shot his foot at one of my relative’s home. In case you have no clue who that is, he was one half of Bonnie and Clyde. There was the Cheese Mold story which actually fact checks. The story of the “cheese mold” tells the story of a jail break using a mold of the cell’s key using a block of cheese. The key in in the Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches. I will research this Civil War era story and share it at a later date… maybe. You have to be careful about those stories these days.

In today’s comic strip, we see Charmy return as Gooser Dadburn. I really like the lady I created for this gag. I may have her return later for the comic book version of Gooser Dadburn’s tale. I need a strong leading lady for the story I am still molding into shape. The issue I had is that the story I created had issues with the middle dragging too long. I am trying to rework five scenes to make them more interesting. I am even thinking about expanding the story so we can get some gag scenes inserted. I have to be careful though because I feel that going too long would kill this story. I am pushing the risk as it is by making a Western comic book as it is.

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