INKtober Day 4 – Puddles Pity Party

INKtober Day 4 - Puddles Pity Party
INKtober Day 4 – Puddles Pity Party


INKtober 2020 Day 4 Puddles Pity Party

One of my favorite “go-to” artists for inspiration is Mike Geier as Puddles from Puddles Pity Party. Puddles never speaks, he just sings. During stage performances, there is a lot of miming going on between songs. As with KISS, the makeup is not just a gimmick, this act is packed with pure talent, and I am a HUGE fan of Puddles Pity Party. Be sure and checkout the Puddles Pity Party YouTube channel HERE.

In case you have never seen or heard Puddles Pity Party, Puddles covers popular songs in his own unique manner. His voice is stunning, spinning fresh life into songs by Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Cheap Trick, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and so many more of my classic rock heroes. I anxiously await each new release on the Puddles Pity Party YouTube channel. What would I love to hear Puddles cover next?

I would love to hear covers of the following…

Twister Sister’s “The Price”
George Harrison’s “What is Life?”
Pink Floyd’s “On The Turning Away”
Pink Floyd’s “Arnold Layne”
Rainbow’s “Stargazer”
David Bowie’s “Man Who Sold the World”
Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”

I could come up with songs all day long for Puddles to cover.

Today’s INKtober drawing is a more comic book style drawing of Puddles from Puddles Pity Party. In case you are new to my work, I draw everything my hand, sketching in pencil as I mold my vision to shape. Once pencils are good, I ink the art by hand. I do not draw digitally. I use pens and brushes to stamp my style into being. I will later color these drawings with Copic Markers and sell the cards at my comic con appearances across the state of Texas where I live. If you do see a drawing you wish to own, contact me quickly before it is grabbed up. All art is available for sale but once they are gone, you are out of luck. I never draw the same composition twice. You can contact me at if interested in something you see… or to commission a drawing of your own. I love commission work!

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