Today’s comic strip is a KNOCK-OUT!

Today's comic strip is a knock out!
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We find out more and more about Charmy’s past as this comic strip develops. We found out last year that he was a pro wrestler at one point in time. Now, we discover that Charmy trained as a boxer. Back before Charmy joined the army, he wanted to be a professional boxer because his ex-girlfriend was dating a boxer. Charmy trained because he wanted to get this guy in the ring. After his bad experiences in the ring, Charmy decided to try Professional Wrestling. That is the story in a nutshell.

Did you notice the subtle gags in today’s strip?

The first “visual” gag is the fact that the huge, muscle bound boxer is drinking from a tiny espresso cup. I just find this visual very funny. Not that I would tell that huge boxer that he looks silly… You never want to make fun of someone who could literally Squash you like a bug. I am a big old chicken. I will just draw cartoons about them “behind their backs”….

The second subtle gag lies in the name of the boxer, Matt Napper. His real name is Eugene Finkle which is not a great name for a boxer. During the first few matches of his career, this boxer used the name “Rocky Rhodes”. The name “Rocky” is so overused in both the boxing and pro wrestling circuits. As his matches came and went, his manager Bill Ervine changed the boxer’s name to Matt Napper to reflect the slew of knockout wins they were experiencing.

“There was so many boxers named “Rocky” that we decided a change was needed in order to get better bookings”, explains Bill. “Ol’ Eugene was knocking out opponents left and right… mainly right because he has a wicked “right hook. Before one bout, a gentleman asked us if we would be making another victim take a nap on the mat. Eugene’s girlfriend at the time smiled and began calling Eugene Matt Napper and it stuck. Dang @#$% trademarked the name so we have to pay his ex-girlfriend royalties from each match and endorsement deal”.

It is crazy how much a name can help shape who you are. Imagine is The Rock wrestled under Dwayne Johnson. There is a huge list of people you thought you knew… but are REALLY born with another, less impacting, name. Check out this list of REAL celebrity names!…

Steveland Judkins — Stevie Wonder
Richard Starkey — Ringo Starr (Everyone should know this one)
Peter Gene Herandez — Bruno Mars
Stefani Germanotta — Lady Gaga
Eilleen Edwards — Shania Twain
Maurice Micklewhite — Michael Caine
Caryn Elaine Johnson — Whoopi Goldberg
Terry Bollea — Hulk Hogan
Chaim Witz — Gene Simmons
Eric Marlon Bishop — Jamie Foxx
Margaret Hyra — Meg Ryan
Allen Stewart Konigsberg — Woody Allen
Declan Patrick McManus — Elvis Costello


Jennifer Linn Anastassakis — Jennifer Aniston
Thomas Mapother IV — Tom Cruise
Calvin Broadus Jr. — Snoop Dogg
Joaquín Rafael Bottom — Joaquin Phoenix
Vincent Damon Furnier — Alice Cooper
Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. — John Denver
Issur Danielovitch Demsky — Kirk Douglas
Marion Michael Morrison — John Wayne
Carlos Ray — Chuck Norris
Walter Bruce Willison — Bruce Willis
Alecia Moore — Pink
Farouk Bulsara — Freddie Mercury

One name change that is not that extreme involves David Bowie. Like me, he was born with the name David Jones. When Bowie first began his musical career back in 1962, he proclaimed himself to be “DAVY JONES”. His first singles were released as Davy Jones and The King Bees. As his career began to rev up, there was a lot of confusion growing due to another up and coming star named Davy Jones from The Monkees. With the name Bowie, a legend would rise to “FAME”.

I am never changing my name. I am quite happy being Davy Jones!