Charmy is ready to Hit the Slopes in Today’s Comic Strip

Charmy is ready to Hit the Slopes in Today's Comic Strip
Charmy is ready to Hit the Slopes in Today’s Comic Strip

Charmy doesn’t Know Much about Skiing

Charmy hails from south Texas so he has seen very little snow in his lifetime. He has never even water skied, much less snow skied. Just take a look, Charmy doesn’t even have any poles. I also grew up in south Texas along the Gulf of Mexico. I have seen snow four times here in the Houston area in my long lifetime. The last time we had snow that stuck was on Christmas Eve when my kids were very young. The snow lasted all day on Christmas Day. That is also a very rare occurrence as snow never stays on the ground here more than a few hours.

Speaking of Christmas Day, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I cannot begin to tell you all how much your support has meant to me this year. As Flimp always says, ” Oppa eek a’ooma boop”. I have no idea what that actually means, but he says it a lot. I probably should have asked Frenchy what that meant before I posted this. I hope it is family friendly.

From me and the cast of Charmy’s Army, we all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2021 has GOT TO BE better than 2020.