INKtober Day 27 – Speedy from Teen Titans

INKtober 2020 - Day 27 - Speedy from Teen Titans
INKtober 2020 – Day 27 – Speedy from Teen Titans


INKtober 2020 – Day 27 – Speedy from Teen Titans

WHAT A GREAT DAY! My blog posts have been failing to send the images to my reader. Today, WordPress magically fixed the issue. I also took the day off from work… and no one called me with issues!!!! Last week I had to eat my two days and tend to issues onsite all day. All that said, the day got EVEN BETTER!!!

I found the ultimate hamburger!!! – More on that later.

Today, for INKtober, I present SPEEDY!. I loved his run in Teen Titans Go. In my vision of Teen Titans, the team is a bit larger than in the previous two animated series. Robin is still the leader, but Speedy is Robin’s internal rival as a struggle for power plays out. As I had previously reviewed about my vision of Teen Titans, season one would have Robin and Starfire dating. They breakup at the end of season one and Starfire returns to her planet. Robin begins a relationship with Batgirl in Season two. Season three shows the return of Starfire who is still in love with Robin. Once she discovers Robin’s new realtionship with Batgirl, she confides in Speedy. Even more fuel to Robin and Speedy’s rivalry is tossed onto the fire.

You know, maybe an animated series is reaching to high. Maybe I should set my goals on writing a new comic book series. Hmmmm…. Gonna rethink this…. lol. Like any situation is ever going to happen! I cannot stop dreaming.


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