Blue Gets Some Love in the next Series of Comic Strips

Blue Gets Some Love in the next Series of Comic Strips
Blue Gets Some Love in the next Series of Comic Strips

I have not focused on my character named “Blue” since the newspaper run began. Over the next few comic strips, we will give a little love to Blue and focus on what makes him tick. If I can ever get an animated series moving forward, Blue, Turtle, Sarge, and Doc will become big players in the animated stories.

Blue always appears to be down in the dumps. He isn’t though. When I was in High School, I was very shy and people thought I was always down in the dumps. I was not. I was extremely happy. I just had problems expressing myself when I was around people. Blue’s personality comes from my own experience with my shy personality in my years in High School.

I remember going to parties during high school and just feeling so out of place. I would show up and only talk with a few people before my anxiety would get the better of me. I would leave after 10 or 15 minutes in most cases. I kept going to these gatherings again and again. We had parties all the time. Not much else to do back in the 1980’s. After dozens of attempts, I finally managed to get over my shy traits and actually attend parties without feeling like the world was about to explode all around me.

Even today, I am still very shy. It took two years of constant Comic Con appearance before I felt comfortable talking to people. Now that I have not made an appearance in nearly a year, I am nervous about going back to shows. I have an appearance scheduled for November, and I am going to cancel due to the pandemic… not because of my own nervous apprehensions. I have three families to be concerned with.

Family number one is my wife and kids. I cannot go to a show and risk coming back sick. My wife and two sons are my entire world. I am not putting them at risk.

Family number two are my co-workers. I have an amazing team at my day job. They are all family to me. We work very closely. I cannot risk my co-workers or our tight production schedules.

Family number three are my fans and fellow comic con participants. I really hate turning my back on them during this time, so I must ask your forgiveness.

I am not sure how the promoter will feel about my passing of his show. I purchased two tables. I will never see that money again. Shows do not offer refunds. I really want to appear at this show, but I cannot afford the risk. I have created no advertising about this appearance so no one knows… no one can be disappointed, except for the promoter. I plan on reaching out to him this week. Wish me luck!

I hope to see you all at a comic con mid 2021.