Charmy’s Army – June 26, 2017

06JUNE2017_CHARMY - WEEK 26 - 0625-0701 - WEB OKRA

Just got back from vacation. Unfortunately for me, a vacation means taking off Friday from work so I can have a three day weekend. I drove my family from Texas to Gulf Shores, Alabama where we met up with my oldest son and spent all day Saturday taking in some mini golf and eating way too much food. Then, we woke up at dawn on Sunday and drove 8 hours back home.

Unfortunately, I have no real vacation time to use for a real vacation. All of my vacation days from the REAL job are used up for all the comic con appearances I am doing. I hope all these show appearances pay off soon. I really would have enjoyed spending a week with my son instead of just one day. I am a firm believer that hard work pays off. I just wish it did not take so dang long… and that I did not have to sacrifice quite so much.

This week, I am going to finally mail my submission to GoComics. This will be my third or fourth presentation I have sent them. I am honestly losing count…. and losing my confidence that they will ever respond. Hard work pays off…. so I am feeling confident that they will finally respond… and at least tell me to leave them alone, lolol……

Wish me luck!


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Charmy’s Army – June 19, 2017

06JUNE2017_CHARMY - WEEK 25 - 0618-0624 - WEB OKRA

Have you seen the new logo for Charmy’s Army? Pretty cool, right? I revamped the website tonight. I think everything looks pretty good now.

So why the change? I am going to work on some big projects. I have a comic book concept in my head and I also need to get my first treasury collection out. I was looking at the old logo and the word “army” is too hard to read. Plus I wanted to soften up the look of the logo. So, I upgraded the branding.

I tried working on a commission this weekend but I am so tired after all the shows and working on my comic strips for the newspapers over the past three months that I needed a break. I hope to get back in sync later in the week. I really need to crank out that commission.

Hope you enjoy this week’s comic strip… and I hope you take something away from it. So many times people take opposition to another persons actions or reactions, yet they never put themselves in the shows of others. Of course, let’s be honest. Who wants to wear someone else’s shoes. That is just gross. I have enough issues with trying on shoes at a show store. Who knows whose sweaty feet have tried on that shoe before you? If I grab a pair of shoes and see there is no tissue inside, I know someone else’s foot has been in that shoe and I cannot try it on. Is that weird? It just creeps me out. What if they did not even have socks on when they tried it on. That is just disgusting.

Sorry I got sidetracked. Anyways, enjoy this week’s comic strip!

– Davy


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