Charmy’s Army – February 18, 2019


Over the last few weeks, I have strayed away from my original tagline. I used to refer to my comic strip as “Charmy’s Army – The Ants Who Don’t Wear Pants”. As a kid, I was always curious why Donald Duck never wore pants. When I created my comic strip, I decided to drop the trousers as well as a ode to Donald. I also did this because it made my comic strip’s characters look more like ants.

As I get more serious with my quest for syndication, I am making some changes which will favor my efforts for my comic strip’s success. This is just the first big step. The next big change is the one that has me worried. In the next few months, I am going to try publishing new comic strips twice per week. I may just try it for two months as a trial run. I want to get my hit count elevated and this will double the insanely high volume I have seen this year.

So, now I need a new tagline. Aurgh. Gonna have to come up with something good. This will be no easy task. I am thinking about adopting “Ants on a Rant” for my comic strip’s tagline. What do ya think?


I have been so very shy all of my life. When I was a kid, fear had my emotions paralyzed. I refused to give into my shyness and pushed myself to go out and face my shy persona. Some attempts to overcome my fears failed. I would go to parties my friends were having and last about 30 minutes before excusing myself to go home. I was a terrible mess.

I tried out and made the basketball team. This was the beginning of the end for my shyness. With every game, I slowly felt confidence building. By my high school years, I was able to accomplish things that I could not have imagined before facing my fears head on.

I became president of the art club during my junior and senior year of high school. I also served as president of my churches Christian Youth Organization at my church during my junior and senior years. I felt cured. That is until high school was over.

Decades later and I still get scared out of my wits when I make a comic con appearance. The shows are a month apart so I cannot get a rhythm going as I did playing basketball twice a week. There are no roaring crowds when I make a basket. To make things crazier, I am doing panels now… appearing before a room filled to the rim with people staring a hole through my soul.


The panels get easier with every appearance. I have a panel scheduled for next weekend and I am actually looking forward to it. Saturday morning, I can guarantee you that I will be experiencing some extremely fluttery butterflies in my belly.

Face your fears.

I cannot begin to tell you the rewards when you face your fears and come out with success. I compare it to riding a roller coaster. When it is over, the thrill is amazing. Of course, if your fear IS of roller coasters, than that explanation does not apply. I just happen to love roller coasters.

Be brave. I believe in you. Reach for the stars and never let fear stand in your way… unless you are fearing something dangerous. In that case, don’t be stupid. If your fear is about jumping off a cliff, or parachuting, or walking on hot coals…. don’t listen to a word I just said.


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