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Backstage at the WWE Headquarters…

Those reasons I just mentioned are why I know I will be back grinding away on the road again next year. I just need a syndicate to bite… put me in newspapers across the country so CARTOONING is my full time job… and the shows and the prep will just be a part of the 9 to 5. Oh, dream you little dreamer….

Mad Magazine’s Influence on Me

I was nine years old at a Goodwill store in Galveston, Texas browsing through the books when I came across this insane back issue of a magazine called MAD. I could not believe a magazine full of cartoons by multiple cartoonists existed! There were actually a total of 6 Mad Magazines I purchased that day at Goodwill with my allowance money. I paid fifty cents for each of them. It was the best investment I ever made.

Between The Rock and a Hard Place…

This ties in with one of the main reasons I have paid to be in artist’s alley at so many comic cons. I am always hoping to meet one influential cartoonist who could help put out a good word for me and help the syndicates realize my potential. There aren’t any syndicated cartoonists appearing at these shows so that plan is NOT working out so well.

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