Charmy’s Army – July 15, 2018

07JULY2018_CHARMY - WEEK 29 - 0715-0721 - COLOR STACKED - WEB

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Blue gets the punchline!

Yep, in this comic strip I gave the punchline to Blue. I will have a lot of bit players stepping up in the coming months. You will see more from Blue and Turtle. You will also finally see The Lunch Lady debut late next month. She will be Charmy’s arch nemesis. Every hero needs a villainous antagonist.

So who is Blue? Blue’s real name is Larry Drew. All of his life, Larry was a bit of a loner and kept to himself. Because of his private nature, people just assumed he was sad and depressed. The truth is that Larry just liked being alone with his thoughts. So, between his sad natures and his blue hair, Larry was nicknamed Blue.

Joining the army was Larry’s plan to overcome his loner personality. To be honest, in the past few years Larry has realized that being a loner is… well, lonely. Larry joined the army so he could force himself into a “team” setting. Over the course of this comic strip’s run, I hope to explore Larry’s change from a total loner to a team player and leader. I am still working out exactly how his story will unfold. His story will be awesome, as will the story of all of my characters.

Gotta create some sketch covers to sell at Bell County Comic Con. Enjoy today’s comic strip. If you like it, please SHARE and LIKE on social media to support my dream.

– Davy Jones


Charmy’s Army – July 9, 2018

07JULY2018_CHARMY - WEEK 28 - 0708-0714 - COLOR STACKED - WEB

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This is the beginning of a 6 strip story I call “Full Moon Fever”. I will only be releasing five strips to the public. The other one will be saved for a future release in my comic book. I may add a few more strips to the story as well when the story appears in one of my future issues. I need to make all upcoming comic books special so they will all contain unreleased material or special stories written just for the books.

One artistic direction I did on this strip was something that switches the warped reality I have been presenting through nearly every strip I have ever drawn. Did you catch the bold move? I’ll give you a second to review the strip again.
Okay, now that you’ve reviewed the art again, I will explain what I did and why. The scene involves Charmy walking up to Weaver after being attacked by a wild dog. In the original pencil sketch, I observed that Charmy is a torn shirt looked odd. Charmy appeared to be naked. Yep. All these years with no pants and suddenly when he has a torn up shirt, there is too much emphasis on his flesh and the mind suddenly makes him look naked. I needed the readers to focus on his tattered shirt only so I put boxer shorts on Charmy. It worked. The strip reads perfectly without any distractions.

I tell everyone I talk to that I am not just a cartoonist. I am a movie director. Every scene is thought out, planned out, and directed just like a scene in a movie. Each comic strip I produce has four scenes which are all shots from the movie playing in my brain. The way I create each panel is a lost art. Most cartoonists now just draw the same panel over and over again creating a boring product. I vow to keep my strip exciting and different.


We are only a month away from what I am predicting will be my best appearance of the year. I am sure I am setting my expectations way too high, but even if I only break even the show will be amazing. Last year was the debut show for Bell County and I did great, breaking even at a first year show is hard to do for me. Promoting a comic strip no one has heard of has been a struggle.

I recall that first year so well. I was making about $20 at each show, if I was lucky. I would sell a print or two and leave each show feeling like a failure. Year two was not much better until I landed that first newspaper gig in the Weekly Bulletin who are still running Charmy’s Army weekly. Once I landed that first newspaper and launched my cool little website, I began breaking even at the shows I was doing here in Houston. At the time, I refused to do road shows.

Fast forward to May and I have my first comic book released!!! Now, suddenly, I am the guy at the show people are coming to see. The last two shows, Comicpalooza and Greater Austin Comic Con, have been dreams come true. I can only imagine how Bell County Comic Con will receive me this year. I have a special page in their exclusive comic book which should bring in a ton of free autograph seekers who could possibly become purchasers. Like I said, this is MY show to win over.

Bell County Comic Con will be my biggest show ever.

I hope to see you there!!!!

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