Charmy’s Army – September 17, 2018


Fandemic Tour Houston is in the Books

It is a coincidence that today’s comic strip falls the day after Fandemic Tour Houston. Today’s strip features the debut of Gooser Dadburn and Waggy from the upcoming comic book “True Twit”. The relevance of this episode and the comic con I appeared at over the weekend revolves around two little girls… Waggy from this comic strip and a young attendee from Fandemic.

The story of True Twit will be a gritty comedy where even in the darkest times of this epic journey, Waggy’s spirit turns dire situations into something inspirational. This weekend that same scenario played out for me. Everyone in Artist’s Alley was suffering from the weakest show any of us had experienced in years. People were at the show, but the attendees were all in the over saturated celebrity area. All the money was spent there in the celebrity wing of the show.

After three days, I was looking at a sign up sheet for my blog with only one name on it. I was looking at half a page of sold items. I had given out 5 comic books to celebrities which was worth more than the money I had brought in. I was so down, Then up walks Frida and her dad. Frida was so happy to be attending her first comic con ever. I immediately remember why I do these shows. These shows are not about me. I have always said that I am there to make memories.

I had only had the opportunity to talk to four people over the course of the three days I was there. No one was walking down my section. When Frida walked up with him amazing smile I lit up in response. She had the exact smail my oldest some had at her age. It makes you so happy. The more I talked about my art, the more she responded. I found out that she too was an artist. I gave here some tips and then she started drawing something so awesome! Check this out!!!!

18-091701 Frida - WEB

I traded here this amazing piece of art for one of my original sketch cards. I think I got the better deal. Just look at the way Frida used a black and a blue pen to dress this up and give this art true feeling, The proportions are spot on. And those eyes pierce your soul. I cannot believe how amazing this show turned out.

From that moment on, I had never been more happy and content with one of my show appearances. I walked away from Fandemic knowing I did what God placed me on earth to do. I am here to make people happy through my art and through my spirit. Frida came back by one last time to say goodbye. I was so choked up. She truly made this show the greatest show I have ever made an appearance back.

If I only made two new fans in Frida and her dad, then I had the greatest show of my career. THANKS GUYS!

– Davy


Charmy’s Army – September 10, 2018





Yep, I am switching things up here as you can see. The guys here are now WEARING pants because without their shirts on… they are naked. If I saw Donald Duck shirtless, he would just be a duck. When I see Charmy shirtless, he looks… well… fowl. Pardon the pun. Maybe it is because I am too close to my little guys, but when they are shirtless, they must wear pants.

Today’s gag is a stretch. I find it incredibly humorous, but it is not the easiest pun to understand. As a matter of fact, if you do not get today’s gag, don’t worry about it. I am not gonna explain it because it will REALLY sound stupid. I hate it when you have to explain the gag because, no matter what, it is never going to be funny to the person who does not understand the gag initially.


I announced today on Facebook that my comic strip is about to debut in TWO newspapers! Last week was an amazing week. I had 5 newspapers tell me they have no room for another strip,… and I had TWO papers fall in love with my comic strip and its cast of characters. These two papers will be debuting Charmy’s Army very soon. I should know the details on Monday.

The two new papers are the Del Norte Triplicate in California and the Curry Coastal Pilot in Oregon. Charmy is now running in five newspapers in five states. Forty five more states to go! My goal this year was to finish December with Charmy running in six newspapers. I am one paper behind my goal. Think I will randomly pick a state and begin looking up weekly newspapers in a few weeks. Right now, I need to prep for next weekend’s comic con appearance.

– Davy

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