Charmy’s Army – February 19, 2018

02FEB2018_CHARMY - WEEK 08 - 0218-0224 - COLOR - STACKED - WEB

Charmy looks cool… Makes me want to do an F-Troop parody…. if anyone still knew what F-Troop was… a crazy television show from the 60’s.I could see Charmy playing Forrest Tucker’s role of Sgt. O’Rourke… I better stop this conversation hear before everyone thinks I am 100 years old.

Speaking of parodies, I have prepared three new prints for my next show. I would have created two more today but I chose to do a road trip and pitch my strip to a few comic book shops in Houston. Third Planet was amazing and offered to work an appearance date for their store before I could even bring up the idea. So cool.

I want to play this out correctly so that there are three winners here… those being me, Third Planet Comics and one of my show appearances. I am leaning towards aligning this up with Fandemic Tour because they need the promotion. The other big show here in Houston is Comicpalooza but they already have a massive audience. Fandemic needs  my help more than Comicpalooza.

This year is off to an amazing start! Commission work is up… Show sales are up…. and feedback, shares and likes are through the roof. Oh, and my internet’s daily hit count is through the roof. My hard work is paying off! Thank you all for your continued support for me and my dream.


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Charmy’s Army – February 12, 2018

02FEB2018_CHARMY - WEEK 07 - 0211-0217 - COLOR - STACKED - WEB

“It was a cold. dark morning in the meadow when the bottom dropped out of the sky… unleashing God’s mighty fury upon the earth. Our hero, Wendy, is in full battle mode against a swarm of Grohesians who are in their feared blood lust season. The three weeks of havoc are nearing the end and Warrior Wench Wendy has waged defense against the devil’s beasts for two weeks, saving the meadow from utter destruction.”


Would you like to see an epic tale starring Frenchy French as Warrior Wench Wendy? I am working on a few stories which will be more serious than funny… but of course there will be a lot of humor as well. One thing there will NOT be is any appearance by Charmy or the rest of the gang. This will be Frenchy’s stand ALONE project.

In order for my comic strip to grow into the historic legacy I envision, I will take my silly little cartoon to places no other newspaper comic strip ever dared go. I want to produce comic books… maybe with other writers and artists. I want to create book series in written form. I want to create animation with my cast. I want to do so many things. Of course I need a syndicate to believe in me and back me for any of this to happen. I wish I knew why they cannot see what my strip has to offer. I truly believe it is just a matter of time.

Time to get back to my comic strip. I am prepping my comic strips for March. After they are completed and sent to the newspapers, I have two commissions to complete. Love it!!!! One day, this will be my EVERY day. Dreaming to live the dream….


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