Frenchy is terrible at math in today's comic strip.


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Things are not adding up for Frenchy!

Back in late September, I am certain someone placed a curse on me. My kitchen flooded right as my wife and I were walking out the door for our first vacation together in nearly two decades. Big changes at the day job placed huge new roles on top of the massive tasks I was already responsible for… plus my best friends at the job were all let go. Little things here and there kept piling up all through December. January also kept tacking on more rough spots… but February began rolling so smoothly.

Charmy is Wounded… Takes the Shot… in today's Comic Strip

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I hate needles. I pass out when I get a simple flu shot. Today’s comic strip is inspired by true-life events, you could say. Between this fear and the fear of public speaking, my life has been full of moments with profuse sweating. Surprisingly, my … Continue reading Charmy is Wounded… Takes the Shot… in today's Comic Strip

Today's Comic Strip will Make Your Heart Melt.

This year, I will be leading the panel about cartooning. My panel will also include Ryan Shaw, an amazing artist who I met a few years ago. The panel will be answering anything the audience wants to learn about. Since this crowd will be made up of young kids who have never been to a panel before, I am prepping a bunch of questions to have on hand for kids to pick from. Here are a list of 20 questions for the panel.

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