Charmy’s Army – November 20, 2017

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I have SO much to be thankful for this year. Looking back on my hard work, I am very content with where I am right now. Granted, financially, this year was a bust, but I knew going in that I would lose money. I charted waters in demographics where I am vertually unknown. The fact that I broke even at Bell County floored me and was beyond my expectations.


I have quadrupled my online readership after expanding my show appearances. I added a signup sheet for my blog which rests on my table. At first, I figured no one would sign up because they would want to read my strip first. I was surprised that so many people signed up for my website! The numbers just keep growing too!!! I think THIS is what I am most thankful for in 2017.


My goal for 2017 was to add three new newspapers carrying Charmy’s Army. I ended up with two and I could not be more proud of myself. I actually had another paper who had promised to run Charmy’s Army back in February… but changes took place right after I began sending in strips and I never received payment. After my phones calls went to voicemail and ended up never being returned, I stopped sending in comic strips and actually became pretty depressed over the situation. Getting picked up months later by Zenith City Weekly and the Idaho World News refreshed my faith and now I know I will make a living at cartooning one day very soon!


I am very thankful for my new family at the many comic cons I have appeared at. I am humbled to be in the same presence as artists like Brian Salinas, Rosel Rodriguez and Vo Nguyen AND to call them my friends!!! And speaking of friends, to believe I am friends with Commander Mark Kistler, Guy Gilchrist and Sam De La Rosa ( I am not talking Facebook friends – I mean REAL friends)  is simply mind-blowing.  Then to consider myself in the same league as up and coming cartoonists like Richard Brooks is still inconceivable… not sure if I will ever be as popular or as good as Rick.

Beyond all the talent at the shows I have become family with, there are the promoters, the volunteers and the attendees. I cannot begin to tell you how all of the organizers and their attendees have opened up their arms this year to make me feel like family. Remember, this was my first year to do road shows. I was a nobody to these shows and they all treated me like I was a world famous cartoonist… which I intend to be one day soon. My biggest thanks goes out to George Jones (no relation to me nor the amazing country singer) for being the kindest and most personable promoter I have yet to meet. That dude really cares about everyone who works his show. I truly have never enjoyed being at a show more than I did when I appeared at East Texas Rose Comic Con. I hope I can make it back there in 2018!


I could go on and on about everything I am thankful for, but most of all I am thankful for YOU! I especially love COMMENTS. Your feedback is key to my success. YOU keep me motivated. During INKtober, YOU kept me busy with some of the most amazing sketch card mashups I have ever created. Thanks to YOU, I have some great merchandise to sell at my shows!!! YOU are why I do this. I am a cartoonist because I want to make YOU and the entire world laugh, smile and enjoy a brief moment in time where you can escape reality and enjoy the ANTics of a troop of army ants and a very silly monkey.

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Charmy’s Army – November 13, 2017

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Poor Turtle! I don’t think he’ll ever have a chance with Frenchy! Gotta respect Turtle’s tenacity. Unfortunately, Frenchy has a boyfriend back home. He is not a very good boyfriend of course, but she is spoken for. I wish my strip was syndicated daily so I could explore all of these side stories.


Yep, I am doing it. I know I told everyone at East Texas Rose Comic Con that I was done for the year, but I was given a free table in Austin so I seized the opportunity to chisel away at my show losses for 2017. Yeah, you do not want to know how bad I did this year. Let’s just say I did worse than my year one comic con experience… which was a bleeder.


No big deal. To me, these shows are not about making money. I am attending the shows to promote my brand and deliver new readers to my comic strip. I have added more readers to my strip this year alone than I did in the past 7 years combined. I began the year with an average readership of just over a hundred readers per day to my new daily total of close to 2,000 people. On a good day, I sometimes see over 4,000 readers!

Investment well spent.

So where is this new show? ROUND ROCK, TEXAS!!!! On December 2, 2017 I will be at the Central Texas Teen Comic Con at the Round Rock High School. It will be a blast. I am bringing some new mini prints and new buttons to make sure I have plenty of lost cost items for all the kids. I do not expect this to be a money maker, but it will be a blast.


I have cemented a few dates and I have a few appearances pending. I am very excited about each of these shows. If you are anywhere near any of my appearances, please stop by and see me and my art. I love showing off my work and meeting my readers.

Here is my tour schedule and the event statuses….

JANUARY 20 – Victoria Comic Con – Victoria, Texas. CONFIRMED.

FEBRUARY 3 – BrazCon – Pearland, Texas. CONFIRMED

MAY 25 – 27 – Comicpalooza – Houston, Texas. PENDING TABLE PURCHASE (tables are not up for grabs yet)

JUNE 16 – 17 – Greater Austin Comic Con – Cedar Park, Texas. CONFIRMED.

JULY ?? – Bell County Comic Con – Belton, Texas. PENDING TABLE PURCHASE (tables are not up for grabs yet)


OCTOBER 26 – 28 – Alamo City Comic Con – San Antonio, Texas. CONFIRMED.

I feel very good about all of these appearances. I may add a few more shows. I had a blast in Tyler and would love to be invited back to East Texas Rose Comic Con. If I can swap a table for a panel AND if the show works with my schedule, I will return. That show felt like family!!! You rock George!!!!!!

If this show in December in Round Rock is at least a break even show, I may return there in 2018 as well. We shall see soon.

I have one other show announcement in Houston for March. I am just waiting for more details before I confirm it on my website. I spoke with a promoter in Dallas about doing a show for him… a small show, but a good show none the less. I have wanted to do a show in Dallas for some time. Again, this may also depend on my schedule as March is a very busy month for me personally.

Come out and see me! I love meeting my readers!!!!!