Charmy’s Army – May 21, 2018

04APR2018_CHARMY - WEEK 21 - 0520-0526 - COLOR STACKED - WEB

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I am getting so nervous. I was told today that my comic books are set to arrive at my home on Wednesday. I still have not received a tracking number but I trust the printer. I am always WAY too trusting which burns me more often than naught. I have a trusting soul.

To say I an excited about receiving my first comic book would be the understatement of the year. I have talked about creating a comic book for years. The time was never right. I needed a big enough following to guarantee I could sell enough to at least break even on the investment. I need to sell half of the 150 books to break even. I hope to sell out  in three shows. That is the goal and I know it will happen.


This weekend is my biggest show of the year. I always do so well at this show here in Houston and I know this year’s show will be even better than ever. I have not seen the floor plan, but I believe I have a corner on the main aisle! I am only guessing and I am trying not to get my hopes up in case that placement is NOT where I am located.

If you are attending Comicpalooza, please stop by my table in Artist’s Alley. My table number is 2921, and I am pretty sure I will be on the main aisle running down the middle of the showroom floor. Pop by and check out some amazing deals. My sales goal is set and I keep it private. I basically want to break even for this show costs, the cost of my comic books, and cover costs for Greater Austin Comic Con. This is a SUPER aggressive goal so I am setting myself up for a disappointment, lol. But I do feel it is realistic if my placement is indeed on the main aisle.

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Charmy’s Army – May 14, 2018

04APR2018_CHARMY - WEEK 20 - 0513-0519 - COLOR STACKED - WEB

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I am working on two commissions for Comicpalooza and they look awesome. I was hoping to get at least four commissions leading into Comicpalooza but no one is biting this year. Last year I had 3 commissions leading into the show and I then took on two more at the show. No big deal… I am so busy now with show prep, I am not sure I could squeeze in another commission. I will have a separate post later in the week of my commissions so you can see how great these came out!


I had so many plans for Comicpalooza but time kicked my butt thes.e past couple of months. The comic book took up all of my time as I had to color over 100 strips for the debut issue. I have never worked so hard in my life prepping an item to sell at my show appearances. The comic books are still due in Houston early next week. My luck it will pour down rain and ruin them all. My gut has been in knots as I wait for these comic books to be delivered. My nerves are also on end as I fear they will just sit on my artist’s alley table and become another piece of merchandise that does not sell.

So far I’ve had acceptable success with everything I sell. Some items will not sell at one show but will perform great at another show. Buttons have done extremely well at every show until the last two comic cons where I sold 12 buttons total between the two shows. I am hoping that these comic books will be an item that will be a consistent mover at my show appearances. I am also hoping these comic books become the focus of my show appearances, spurning a bigger interest in my prints, buttons and original art. The artists who are successful in artist’s alley are the ones who are legitimate artists. If you have a book in print, people take you very seriously. Heck, since my debut in newspapers, my own credibility and success has risen at these comic cons.

Besides my comic book debuting, I will have two new original sketch cover art for sale. I should be finishing these up over the weekend. I will also have two… maybe three new sets of print cards… Just depends on what I can find time to do in the next few days. To be honest, as long as I have my new comic books in, I am happy with the merchandise I have. It has always seemed like the harder I prep for a show, the worse  sales are at that show. Crazy stuff. Comicpalooza has always been a great show for me so the more merchandise I have, the better chance I have to break even again.

Gotta get to work. Enjoy today’s strip and leave a comment if you enjoy the corny gag today!

– Davy

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