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Flimp Trains to be a Boxer!

As you all know, Charmy is not very fond of Flimp the Chimp in this comic strip. This little adventure will be a lot of fun and will let Charmy take out some of his frustrations on Flimp. Buckle up for a fun story I call “Sir Prize Fighter”. #comics

FLIMP LOSES IT! – Charmy’s Army April 8, 2019

Today’s comic strip is a nod to the great vaudeville skits I studied as a kid. Most gags just do not hold up 100 years later, but the wacky scenarios are easy to update to more modern settings. I have always been a huge fan of the Marx Brothers. I watched A Day at the Races today and thought it was still amazingly funny… but I know the gags just don’t hold up.

Back to the Future Mashup WITH MARKERS!

Charmy assumes the role of Marty McFly. This is Charmy’s second commission request where he portrays a parody version of Michael J. Fox’s iconic characterization of the Back To The Future lead character. The first time Charmy assumed this role was four years ago on the second commission I had ever created for someone. That one was commission was on a blank sketch cover and, of course, much smaller.

Back to the Future Mashup

Here is commission I am working on for one of my fans. Charmy takes on the role of Marty McFly! This was an amazingly fun piece of art to draw up. I went WAY overboard again on the detail. I love the flowered pants worn by Jennifer Parker, parodied here by Frenchy. The skateboard detail was insane too! I love ging the extra mile for my readers.

#comics #martymcfly #backtothefuture #charmysarmy

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