Davy begins a string of bad luck in today's comic strip!


It was a brisk, Fall morning at Fort Hill when a new recruit transferred to the camp where Frenchy, Weaver and Blue had just arrived at themselves not two weeks earlier. Prior this electric moment, camp life was a hopeless mess of confusion and fear. This new troop of army ants were young and naive. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they enlisted.

Charmy, the new arrival was about to shake things up, breathing new life into station longing for meaning and a sense of being. Charmy has arrived and life for all would never be the same again!


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Here is a comic strip where the story is going to expand later into a full comic book. Once I get syndicated, I hope to convince the syndicates into letting me publish a monthly comic book digitally on their website. Each book would be based upon a single strip, or series of strips, which need(s) further exploring. This week’s single strip is a great example.

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Comicpalooza was scheduled for this weekend. Of course, as with all comic cons scheduled this month, this show did not go on as originally planned. Out of all the show appearances I do each year, Comicpalooza is the one show where I make a good chunk of change, I walk away from this show with enough money to fund two more show appearances. Without Comicpalooza, my year is shot. Even if I am able to have a show or two take place this year, I will struggle to break even because I doubt any show this year will have a large attendance.

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Okay, so they are not plummeting to their deaths. I have to make my descriptions enticing so my readers are drawn in to read my comic strip and my weekly blog. Now that I have your attention, let me elaborate on today’s comic strip. This week’s strips was a joy to create! As I was sketching in this week’s comic strip, I knew the presentation would be epic. I am a huge fan of comic strips that change up the visuals in each panel. Changing each panel as drastically as I present here makes for a breathtaking look.

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Just a quick update. Nerd Fest 2020 has been cancelled. I received word on this a few days ago. My next show is August 1 and 2, but I have not seen any updates on their website. I have had quite a few people ask me about the show’s status. August is still a long distance into the future and this show typically does not announce guests until closer to showtime. I am very confident the show will take place. When it does, I plan on being there for you all… unless the scenario is dangerous for you. Again we are months away and I know the promoter. He is awesome and will do what is best for all… READ MORE…

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