Here is this week's comic strip! Davy's curse if lifted!


It was a brisk, Fall morning at Fort Hill when a new recruit transferred to the camp where Frenchy, Weaver and Blue had just arrived at themselves not two weeks earlier. Prior this electric moment, camp life was a hopeless mess of confusion and fear. This new troop of army ants were young and naive. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they enlisted.

Charmy, the new arrival was about to shake things up, breathing new life into station longing for meaning and a sense of being. Charmy has arrived and life for all would never be the same again!


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Warrior Wench Wendy – The Comic Book

I have been writing and re-writing this epic tale over and over again for two years. Finally, I said, “enough is enough” and I deleted everything I wrote so far and started over. I came up with an amazing story that sounded too good to be true. I knew I had written the greatest story anyone has ever read. Then I did some research and discovered I had plagiarized the 2001 film A Knight’s Tale. At first I thought I could just tweak what I wrote. Then I saw the movie again and remembered that I hated the film. Afterwards, I realized I hated the story I wrote. So, I deleted that one too.

Today’s Comic Strip – Davy needs to use Uber next time!

Davy is still cursed in today’s comic strip! As I stated a few weeks ago, this story was written in February before all heck broke loose around the world. This story is an example of what cartoonists go through when prepping comic strips months in advance. The timing on this series of comic strips focusing on Davy’s bad luck is ill-timed. Garnering any sympathy for Davy’s bad luck is not going to happen because we ALL are experiencing some extremely bad luck.

Frenchy will do ANYTHING to break the curse in today’s comic strip

Something tells me that Charmy knew Frenchy was holding poison ivy the entire time. On the other hand, Charmy is very protective when it comes to Frenchy. So, maybe he did not have a clue. Charmy sees Frenchy as the little sister he never had. The truth is…. he DOES have a younger sister. She was mentioned about 7 years ago during the episode featuring Charmy’s nephews Rusty, Dusty, and Crusty. Unfortunately, that story appears to be lost. I have searched my backups and I cannot find any comic strips that survived. I even searched by blog archives. Not sure how these strips vanished!!!!

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