This comic strips is one big insult to your senses!!


It was a brisk, Fall morning at Fort Hill when a new recruit transferred to the camp where Frenchy, Weaver and Blue had just arrived at themselves not two weeks earlier. Prior this electric moment, camp life was a hopeless mess of confusion and fear. This new troop of army ants were young and naive. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they enlisted.

Charmy, the new arrival was about to shake things up, breathing new life into station longing for meaning and a sense of being. Charmy has arrived and life for all would never be the same again!


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Frenchy’s Nasty Hot Dog

There was a time when I hated hot dogs. They are still never my “meal of choice”. In a pinch, they can do the job and curb my appetite. One fond hot dog memory of mine takes me back to my first trip to Las Vegas with my wife and her family. At the time, I hated hot dogs. Alss, at the time, Las Vegas offered free offers to drive you into their casinos. The big freebie they all offered was a free hot dog. I do not pass up free food. I ate so many hotdogs that I learned to like hot dogs enough to scarf down every free dog available.

Blue Questions his Existence in Today’s Comic Strip

In today’s comic strip, I have featured Blue. I really want to build him and Turtle up in the comic strip as I begin development on an animated version of Charmy’s Army. Since I am failing miserably with newspaper placement this year, I am force to switch gears and try pitching an animated version. I have no contacts for this so I am probably running with scissors towards a dead-end alley… but I have to give this a shot. It may be my last shot… because… scissors. Maybe I will put the scissors down as I run this time.

Warrior Wench Wendy Greets a Young Fan in Today’s Comic Strip

Today, Frenchy meets a fan in this week’s comic strip… or she thinks she does. Sometimes people admire others for reasons that do not matter in the grand scheme of things. On the reverse side of the coin, I have met some big cartoonists who I believed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread… only to discover they are huge jerks who are bothered to speak to you for more than 3 minutes. I met a pro wrestler recently who began plying with his phone as soon as I began talking. He never made eye contact or spoke with me. No names, but it was a major let down. I gave him an original drawing too.

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