Charmy’s Army – April 23, 2018

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I just made an appearance at Eastern Rim Comic Con in Baytown and I feel like a rock star today after spending the day promoting my comic strip. I had people coming to the show JUST to see me. I had people who did not know I was going to be there who were geeking out that I was at the show. I signed up a few dozen new readers to my blog as well which is an amazing feat for a short, one day show. The promoter placed me font and center as well. I was on fire and I had a blast.

I want to thank Stacey Hanna, Sam Senker and everyone who came out to support the show. I especially want to thank Michelle (I am blanking on her last name) for coming out to the show so soon after Anime Matsuri, I love returning faces at my appearances! I also love seeing my con family. I was Blessed this time to see Brian Salinas again. He is an extremely talented artist. My all-time favorite members of my con family are Christine and James Nix. These guys are so dear to my heart. Thanks James for the coffee run!!!! Love you both with my entire heart!!!!!!

Biggest thanks go out to Jacob Shafer. I have NEVER met a promoter I did not like, lol, This guy was awesome. I pray I get to work with Jacob again and again. You worked your butt off. I cannot thank you enough dude for everything. When you are ready for another show, let me know early enough so I can get you on my schedule!

There were so many new faces as well. I sold my Beatles mashup prints within the first hour of the show. How cool was that! The interest in my little ants was amazing! These smaller shows give me so much more time with the attendees. I love to mingle and make a connection with everyone. These shows are not really about me and my strip. I always feel like I am there to entertain and make friends with everyone. I care deeply for every single body that walks into the show. I know most artists appear to be there to pitch their work and take their money. I hope I never come across like that. If I ever do, please tell me. I just love doing these appearances so I can reach out to everyone and make an impact on their lives, if only for 5 minutes. That is the goal with the strip, to make everyone smile. That is what I also want to do when in Artist’s Alley…. I want to make everyone happy.


In May I will be at Comicpalooza. I hope to see everyone there in Houston. This show is massive and I plan on making a huge impact this year. I have a few short weeks to do a ton of work. Commissions are open. I should be able to knock out a dozen if I get them in early enough.

Come out Memorial Day weekend and see me if you are in Houston. It’ll be a blast! Oh, and I hope to have this comic book completed in time. I will update you all soon on that. I am only printing 100, so get your order on quickly. If I do a second printing, the cover art WILL BE DIFFERENT.

Time to run. Gotta get back to work. Later!


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Charmy’s Army – April 16, 2018

04APR2018_CHARMY - WEEK 16 - 0415-0421 - BW STACKED COLOR - WEB

Times change. Tastes change. A good artist knows how to roll with changes.

I have some mighty big plans to turn this industry around. The industry I speak of involves newspaper cartoonists. With times changing, I cannot believe the syndicates have not shifted focus on what actually still works. Yeah, sure… they have all embraced the web, but that love affair is not making any money. Nope. No money there. The future is in digital comics, printed comics sold at comic cons, original art commissions and crowdfunding for exclusive content. None of this is being addressed by the syndicates.

I want to change that.

How can I get my plans heard? I need to get someone at GoComics or King Features to see me at a show. Holy heck, how can that happen? Why would they spare time an expense to see Davy work the crowd? Oh, there is no way I can get them to see me. I need to bring the show to them. I have the plan. I know how I am going to make them take note! If all goes as planned, I have a HUGE opportunity to show not only the syndicates how amazing my work is, but rather I have something happening soon that will show the WORLD the vision I possess.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal anything yet.


Are you looking for something to do in the Houston area this weekend? COME TO BAYTOWN!!!!! I will be appearing at the Easter Rim Funny Book and Vintage Con!

The show is FREE!!!! That is right. FREE admission and FREE Parking!!! Save that money so you can support the awesome artists appearing at the show and walk away with investments to highlight your walls. Hang out and talk with the best of the best in the Houston area. We all love talking about our craft

I will have original art from my comic strips, prints of my strips as well as of my famous Charmy mashups, and tons of other more affordable art in the form of sketch cards. I have price points for any pocketbook. I will be syndicated one day soon, and when I am, these early art pieces will become a solid investment.

Hope to see you all soon at one of my shows!

– Davy

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