Charmy gets a shot in the arm in today's comic strip


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Charmy is Wounded… Takes the Shot… in today's Comic Strip

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I hate needles. I pass out when I get a simple flu shot. Today’s comic strip is inspired by true-life events, you could say. Between this fear and the fear of public speaking, my life has been full of moments with profuse sweating. Surprisingly, my … Continue reading Charmy is Wounded… Takes the Shot… in today's Comic Strip

Today's Comic Strip will Make Your Heart Melt.

This year, I will be leading the panel about cartooning. My panel will also include Ryan Shaw, an amazing artist who I met a few years ago. The panel will be answering anything the audience wants to learn about. Since this crowd will be made up of young kids who have never been to a panel before, I am prepping a bunch of questions to have on hand for kids to pick from. Here are a list of 20 questions for the panel.

This week's comic strip – "Clone Alone" – Plus an Ode to Monty Python's Terry Jones

This week, we lost Terry Jones of Monty Python fame. Terry was the second Python I was introduced to. I was 12 years old ad working Saturdays at a local cattle auction. I normally arrived back home around 11:00 pm smelling like cow poop. I was a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, but by the time I cleaned up… cow poop takes a long time to remove… I had time to see one skit on Saturday Night Live.

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