INKtober DAY 9 – Cousin It

I fell a little behind. I had two big commissions come in for Tyler Comic Con. Between the day job and these commissions, I have been killing myself trying to keep my head above water.

Here is Cousin It as I continue my tribute to The Addams Family. This little guy reminds me of Flimp the Chimp from my comic strip. The audience depends on the response of the cast to explain what Cousin It is saying. The big difference with Flimp and my comic strip Charmy’s Army is that ONLY Frenchy understands what Flimp says.

Another comic strip which followed this formula where characters spoke a secret language was Peanuts, The way this worked in the comic strip Peanuts was much more complicated. In the comic strip Peanuts, the tiny bird named Woodstock spoke bird language. The only character who understood him was Snoopy. The situation gets complicated from there because no one understood Snoopy so the character of Woodstock could not be developed beyond the relationship between Woodstock and Snoopy.

I want all of my characters to have a chance to grow and become the best character they can be. The only way to do this is to give them a voice and a connection with the readers. I have some big plans for Flimp in the future. If I ever get syndicated, you will see ALL of my characters get some big pushes in story-driven comic strips.


Send me your suggestions. The month will be over quickly!!! If you like the sketch card you made a suggestion for, you have first dibs at purchasing the finshed card after I color it!


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