Weaver is Becoming a Lady’s Man in Today’s Comic Strip

Weaver is becoming a lady's man in today's COMIC STRIP.

As my comic strip evolves and I prepare for the next two phases… Syndication and Adaptation for the Animated Series. Today, we witness Weaver’s evolution into a lady’s man. With this change, we see a lot of jeaslousy from Charmy which will add a new level of fun. We will also see Frenchy show a little jeaslousy, bringing a little intrigue to the story as it progresses. Now Turtle has a crush on Frenchy. Frenchy has some feelings for Weaver she cannot explain, and Weaver is now mister popularity.


After Frenchy hurls her insult, Charmy gets mad and responds, “That is SO not true!”

Frenchy quicky agrees, “Well of course it’s not true.”

“Thank you”, Charmy says with a grin.

Frenchy interupts with, “A decaying zombie would never be looking to eat YOUR brains… They can smell spoiled brains a MILE away!”

Flimp zips into the scene.”OOPA DEEPA KAKA PU!” screams Flimp.

“Oh, you have a point. I stand corrected” says Frenchy as she responds to Flimp’s incoherent babbling.

“What did that stupid monkey just say about me?!?” questions Charmy.

“He said that zombies consider your brain a delicacy.” Frenchy says with a smerky look on her face

Charmy thanks Frenchy as she once again interupts with, “Because your brain is seasoned with lard from having such a lazy brain.”

The scene ends here as we zip into a new scenario. This gag has ran its course. As with art, you have to know when to stop creating so you do not overwork the finished product.


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