Gotta Mash ‘Em All!… Pokemon!!!!

Okay, Okay… I am doing Fan Art

After YEARS of people telling me, “you’ll never make money in artist’s alley unless you do a ton of fan art”, I have caved. I once told everyone that producing fan art was the same as selling my soul. My reason for being at these shows was to market my characters. I had to sell my appearance on my own merits. This stance caused me to lose money show after show. Sure, I would have a good show and break even every so often. The sad reality has revealed itself over the past 5 years. Most people attending these shows do not support independent artists.

Show after show, I sat and watched people with prints of popular characters making money hand over fist. Their tables were mobbed with people plopping down cash left and right. It is time I rethink my strategy. If fan art brings people to my table, why not embrace it? Last weekend, I gave fan art a test. I created a bunch of Pikachu mashups and people mobbed my table. I used the situation to educate the captured audience about my comic strip Charmy’s Army. My website numbers exploded afterwards and I broke even. If I did not have the fan art at last weekend’s comic con, I would have had my first loss of the year. Fan art saved my hide and my pride.


I am now going to be a Fan Art machine. I want to create a huge inventory of sketch cards, sketch covers and 11 x 17 art pieces. I have a TON of work ahead of me! I need art to sell. I will make a few prints, but I need to focus on the larger price point item… real art. There is more margin to be made with art. Prints cost a lot to create. Ink, paper and hard sleeves kill my profit margin.

For Bell County Comic Con, I want to have 18-19 new Pikachu mashups ready for purchase. I want to create 8 Marvel mashups and 9 “whatever” mashups. I already have a few DC Comic mashups but would love to do three more. The following cards are what I created for my last comic con. all are “baseball card” size.

Detective Pikachu

Detective Picachu Sketch Card Art

I figured a simple Detective Pikachu would not sell as well as the Mashups but I sold out before the end of day two!

Aqua Pikachu

Aqua Pikachu

My personal favorite! I am going to make larger prints of this one. Nearly sold ’em all!

Super Pikachu

Super Pikachu

I did not think this would move but it sold out in 90 minutes… including the original.

Bat Pikachu

Bat Pikachu

My least favorite yet my fourth best seller. Only had a few left at the end of the weekend!

Harley Pika Quinn

Harley Pika Quinn Pikachu mashup

Um… just disturbing, lolol… Huge hit! Gotta do more Pikachu mashups with DC female icons.

Joker Pikachu

Shows how much I know. I thought THIS would be a hit. Sold well, but not like the others.

Green Lantern Pikachu

This one was fun! This was a bit of a jab at Ryan Reynolds. Attendees at the show immediately caught the gag.

Pikachu Bacca

This was another one that just did not sell as well as I thought. I thought this one would be a huge hit! Only sold a few.

Pika Pool!

Sold out in 5 hours. HUGE hit. I am going to create a Pika Pool sketch cover soon.


Leave your suggestions in the comments below. I need a few more DC Comics mashups, a BUNCH of Marvel mashups, and a bunch of miscellaneous cool mashups.


I can draw up any size you want. I can create art of bristol board and recommend 11 x 17 inches. I can also create art on sketch covers… and I have a TON of blanks…. TONS!!!! CONTACT ME AT

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