Flimp Hides His Big Banana from Everyone in Today’s Comic Strip.

This gag will not appear too many times in the newspaper comic strip. In the animated series, scenes with Flimp pulling impossibly large objects from his teeny hat will become a running gag. Some gags work great in print, but bomb in animation. Meanwhile, some animated gags just cannot have justice created for them in print… like slapstick. The animated series will have a lot of silliness that cannot translate onto the bristol board.


Time for “BEYOND THE STRIP”. Every week, I take my readers deeper into my silly brain as I continue the story beyond the panels of my popular comic strip. Where the story ends in the newspapers, I continue the story online in my blog. We now take up right where the strip left off…

“That joke is as old as Flimp’s underwear” alerts Charmy.

Flimp’s facial expression changes instantly to express a surge of anger. “Oopa appa ee ee ee!” yells Flimp as he puts his hat back on.

“To be fair Flimp, you do only own one pair” Frenchy informs everyone. Flimp’s expression changes into a double-take. First, his lips form a shape as if he is making an “oo” sound along with a look of surprise… and then Flimp switches quickly into a silly grin.

“Gross,” says Frenchy in a soft, mild-mannered quip.

“Dang it! The dang Lunch Lady forgot my ketchup!” exclaims Charmy as he shakes his fist in the direction of the kitchen with a look of hostility.

We switch to a close-up of Flimp pulling a huge bottle of ketchup from his hat.

“Eeka eeka oop!” yells Flimp.

“Cool!” Charmy says with a look of surprise and excitement. Quickly the look turns to angered disappointment. “Wait! This bottle of ketchup expired a year ago!”

“Oopa oo oo oo!” screeches Flimp.

Flimp violently begins shaking his hat as if he was shaking a cocktail. He continues to jabber as he shakes his hat like a mad monkey… “Ekka eeka oo oo oo oo EEK!!!!”

Flimp reaches back in and pulls another huge bottle of ketchup out of his hat and passes it to Charmy.

Charmy reviews the label and he responds, “Cool, This one doesn’t expire until next year. Thanks, monkey!”

“Oopa ekka ark ark!!” yells Flimp.

Frenchy agrees, “Yes, you do need to clean out your hat Flimp”.

Flimp takes it off and sticks his nose inside. Breathing in deeply, his visible skin turns green. Flimp exclaims loudly, ” Oo oo eekoo ooka oo!!”

And then he passes out and vanishes behind the table as he drops like a rock.

THUD! We see little stars slowly drift up into vision from beneath the table.

“So maybe the smell comes from the hat” ponders Frenchy.

“He still needs to change those drawers”, interjects Charmy.

“Oh yes. Definitely” Frenchy agrees.

End scene. This would be an intro to an episode that would have NOTHING to do with the actual soft opening we just witnessed. Cue up the Show intro!!!


I am working hard on the animated series… which I refer to as the ANT-imated series. I am not revealing ANYTHING regarding the show direction. You can see some clues in my blog posts as I write scenes based off the premise of the show, as I wrote in today’s blog. These blog posts are serving as warm-up runs for when I write the actual episodes. Writing is a blast! I wish I could sit and write all day long… what a fun life THAT would be!!! Dream… dream… dream…


YOU can help ME get the ANTimated Series off the ground. Please share my posts on Social Media and my vision can get some traction. This of it as gassing up a car. You cannot get anywhere if you sit in one spot, seen by a handful of bystanders. No. You have to hit the road. Sharing my strip puts fuel in my tank and gets my strip running all over the world.

One day YOU will be able to say, “Hey! That animated show on TV about those army ants would never be on television if it were not for ME!!!!”

Love you all!!! Thank you for your support!!!!




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