Charmy’s Army – July 15, 2018

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Blue gets the punchline!

Yep, in this comic strip I gave the punchline to Blue. I will have a lot of bit players stepping up in the coming months. You will see more from Blue and Turtle. You will also finally see The Lunch Lady debut late next month. She will be Charmy’s arch nemesis. Every hero needs a villainous antagonist.

So who is Blue? Blue’s real name is Larry Drew. All of his life, Larry was a bit of a loner and kept to himself. Because of his private nature, people just assumed he was sad and depressed. The truth is that Larry just liked being alone with his thoughts. So, between his sad natures and his blue hair, Larry was nicknamed Blue.

Joining the army was Larry’s plan to overcome his loner personality. To be honest, in the past few years Larry has realized that being a loner is… well, lonely. Larry joined the army so he could force himself into a “team” setting. Over the course of this comic strip’s run, I hope to explore Larry’s change from a total loner to a team player and leader. I am still working out exactly how his story will unfold. His story will be awesome, as will the story of all of my characters.

Gotta create some sketch covers to sell at Bell County Comic Con. Enjoy today’s comic strip. If you like it, please SHARE and LIKE on social media to support my dream.

– Davy Jones


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