Badge Art for Comicpalooza


Yes, it is that time again. Everyone is submitting art to Comicpalooza in hopes that their piece is chosen for exclusive prints or for use on their show badges. Me? I am submitting art for the badges.

walk-ant-dead-badge-facebookMy submission is a collage of my Walking Dead parody. Frenchy parodies Rick Grimes holding a huge pistol and his trademark knife. Weaver parodies Daryl sporting his bow gun and looking at us with those squinty eyes. This is Weaver’s most amazing performance yet. I round the badge off with Frenchy as Michone toting her jawless zombies. If by some miracle this art is chosen for their passes, I will create a poster for the show featuring more of the cast. That is more than likely NOT going to happen.


Do you want to submit some of your art to Comicpalooza? It is simple. Just email with your submission.

Each year Comicpalooza requests submissions for badge art and prints. Badge art will be used across all the badges we offer, an estimated 60,000. Prints will be included in all VIP bags as a way to drive people to your table.

By submitting art for use by Comicpalooza, you automatically give the Comicpalooza staff full legal right to distribute the art as deemed appropriate including advertising, program books, badges, prints or any other con-related purpose. Credit will be given to the artist who supplied it.

Submission details and deadlines included below.

NOTE: Artwork may be selected and used as needed. Artwork submitted earlier may have a higher chance of selection. Don’t wait!

Deadline for badge art is 2/15/2017
Deadline for print art is 2/28/2017

Prints must be at least 400 DPI and no larger than 11” x 17”. Portrait oriented preferred. Keep in mind these will be stuffed into bags. Please include at least a .25” bleed for all images.

Badges must be at least 600 DPI, portrait oriented and no larger than 8” x 10”

If you do submit art, I wish you the best of luck!


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