Charmy is Diagnosed with a Terrible ailment in Today’s Comic Strips

Read the blog between the comic strips to hear the ENTIRE story.

“l am betting I caught this from Turtle”, ponders Cgharmy. “I was arm wrestling him a few days ago… and I believe he plays tennis”.

“Well, I hate to admit it but that is probably what caused it”, says Doc… “Just not in the way you think. You probably tweaked it when you were arm wrestling”.

“So, does having Tennis Elbow bestow superpowers on me?”, asks Charmy.

“Sure…” says Doc with a huge grin. “You will become an elite tennis player”.

“Awesome!” yells Charmy. “I always wanted to play tennis”.

Charmy leaves the coffee shot as Nurse Heidi turns to look at Doc with a scolding look on her face,

“Why did you tell him that?” asks Nurse Heidi.

“You cannot argue with him”, says Doc. “It is easier just to agree and let him go about his day”.

The next day, Charmy and Frenchy meet at the Candy bar for some coffee…

Frenchy continues babbling, “The most elite of athletes have athlete’s feet”.

“Doc said that I would be an elite tennis player”, adds Charmy.

“Then you are sure to develop Athlete’s Feet!”, advises Frenchy.

“Lucky me!” exclaims Charmy. “First, I get a super elbow, and next I will develop super feet. I wonder what’s next?”

“Turf Toe!” exclaims Frenchy.

“Oh, I could only be so lucky”, admits Charmy. “That would make me one well-rounded athlete”.

“You mean like a sumo wrestler?”, asks Frenchy. “They are REALLY well-rounded athletes”.

“Yeah, they must have all kinds of nasty ailments giving them superpowers”, ponders Charmy.

“Maybe one day you can catch every nasty ailment known to man and YOU can be a sumo wrestler”, says Frenchy.

“That would be a dream come true”, says Charmy. “Imagine, being able to work in your underwear”.

“Um, most everyone does that now” reveals Frenchy. “It is called WORKING FROM HOME”.

“Oh, yeah”, says Charmy


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