Turtle Studies some DNA in Today’s Comic Strip

So, what happens next?

“Um, where in the world would Charmy get rare science stuff?”, Weaver asks Turtle. “He obviously scammed you”.

“Do you really think so?”. asks Turtle.

How long have the Dodo birds been extinct?”, asks Weaver.

“They have been extinct since the year 1662”, Turtle educates Weaver.

“Why the interest in Dodo birds?”, asks Weaver.

“They were dimwitted, big bird birds that were quite dumb”, says Turtle.

“Just like Charmy”, says Weaver with a grin.

“Legend holds that these birds were super friendly and not afraid of anything”, says Turtle.

“Unlike Charmy”, says Weaver. “That guy is scared of his own shadow”.

Up walks Charmy who asks, “Who is afraid of his own shadow?”

“You!” responds Weaver.

“Heck yeah I am!”, admits Charmy.

“Why?!?”, asks an enthusiastic Weaver.

“Because they lurk in the shadows”, says Charmy. “How creepy is that? You never see them out in the sun. They hide behind stuff, waiting to pounce on you”.

“Let me guess”, states Weaver, “You have been attacked by a shadow”.

“Yes! Brutally!” admits Charmy.

“I was attached and blinded by a shadow one evening, causing me to walk headfirst into a lamp post”, reveals a horrified Charmy. “It was on the news”.

“Wait, what?!?”, responds a bewildered Weaver. “This incidence made the local news?”

“National news!”., claims Charmy.

“Really…” Weaver slowly states as he continues… “and how did you make the national news?”

“One of the major news networks was reporting on a tornado that touched down”, says Charmy. “I was behind the reporter who was live on the air when his shadow jumped up and blinded me”.

“I see”, says Weaver.

“I didn’t”, says Charmy. “That is why I walked into the lamp post”.

“Well there was a film crew shooting a live newscast”. says Weaver. Are you sure you weren’t blinded by the bright lights?”

“No, I never let fame go to my head”, says Charmy. “I know the bright lights can go to your head, take my late Uncle Howdy”.

“You Uncle Howdy was famous?”, asks Weaver.

“Nope, just sensitive to bright lights. He always had sunglasses on. Even at night”, says Charmy.

“How did your uncle die?”. asks Weaver. “Did the sun blind him and cause him to walk into the path of a bus?”

“Nope. Chandelier fell on him”, says Charmy.

Up walks Frenchy and the story goes in a new direction – END

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