Charmy Teaches Everyone a Lesson Today

I decided to make my comic strip educational today. I do attract a more refined audience after all. I need to make my strip “smarter”. My audience needs material that educates and stimulates the mind. With that in mind, I was inspired to write today’s comic strip. I hope Charmy teaches you all a lesson.

I will have a review of Tyler Comic Con posted tomorrow. In a nutshell, it was very fun on Saturday. Sunday was dead but I still had fun talking to the few people who visited my booth space. I just barely broke even so it may be another two years before I return, but I will return. My plan is to appear at Alamo City one year and then return to Tyler the following year. I wish these shows were not ALWAYS on the same weekend.

I gotta cut the blog short today. I have way to much on my plate. I need to hop onto my distribution list and get everyone who signed up at the show this past weekend signed up to receive my blog posts via email.