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Mash-Ups! – Charmy as The Tick



Charmy as The Tick!

My mash-ups began when I was in the fifth grade. I discovered Mad Magazine and found their parodies inspiring. At the time, me and my three buddies were working on a comic strip called The Munchschins. I began exploring mashups of our characters with shows I loved to watch. The most impressive mash-ups I prepared at the time was for Star Trek, which I called Munch Trek. All of those drawings and comic strips are long gone. Believe me, we are all the better than they are in some landfill under tons of garbage.

Don’t get me wrong, the concept for the comic strip was amazing. I was a kid. This material is best left unseen.

I resumed my passion for mash-ups about four years ago after my first comic con appearance. I realized that no one wants to buy art of characters they do not know. In order to stop losing money at these shows, I decided to try mashing up my characters. Two years later, I made money at my first show… 9 shows later. Selling your own original property is hard, even when you mash them up with Deadpool.

In this mash-up, we see Charmy as The Tick. I tweaked his look quite a bit. The Tick is a massive guy so Charmy’s features had to be tweaked. The style in which I draw was also tweaked to match closely to the comic book style. At the same time, my own inking style is still there. My drawing style is also mashed up.

This piece was created with pen and ink. Afterwards, I applied gray markers for the final commission. Yes, this print was originally created as a commission at Comicpalooza. For the color, I used Photoshop. It is amazing what you can do with a 12 year old version of Photoshop. I have layers for highlights. I have layers for tones. I have layers for screens. The results look amazing and gives me another print that will probably never sell.

Also in this print is Frenchy as American Maid and Weaver as Arthur the hero who looks like a moth. I am not sure if Arthur’s identity ever had an official name. I also threw in an ogre as a tip of the hat to Warrior Wenchy Wendy. She is always battling ogres. I added some extra tones to them so they fall into the background, allowing Charmy to really pop off the print.

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