Charmy’s Army – March 11, 2019

When did this dream become work???

Lolol…. Over the last two weeks, cartooning has been a full time job! The issue is that I already have a full time job which has consumed over 50 hours of my time in the past two weeks. I have had VERY little sleep and I am loving it!!!

For the first time, I feel like I am a real cartoonist with mounting deadlines kicking my butt. Last year began this way as well and suddenly the well was dry. In 2018, after May was over, the commissions halted and I had no work at all for the remainder of the year. I am not going to get excited about the commissions I just had because I know it’ll probably just drop off again!

I am trying to prep for Hill Country Comic Con but time has slipped away. I have to fly out on business next week for the day job so I am extremely worried I will not be ready for this weekend;s show. Yikes!!!

Hard work always pays off, so I am not worried. I am enjoying the pressure. This is my opportunity to prove how badly I want this cartooning dream to come true.

That said, I have to cut this blog short.