Today’s comic strip is completely rotten

So, what happens next?

Up walks Blue and he asks, “What the heck is that smell?!?”

Frenchy, who was walking away, turns back around and responds. “He is eating an egg sandwich made from spoiled eggs!”

“Awesome!”, Blue reacts enthusiastically. “Do you have another one? I haven’t had lunch yet”.

Frenchy grabs Blue by his shoulders and shakes him violently and she screams, “The sandwiches are made from eggs that are spoiled rotten!”

“I don’t care how they were raised”, says Blue. “I do not judge people. Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone”.

Frenchy frowns and shrugs her shoulders up near her ears and responds, “Oh, you’ll be throwing something in a few hours…. You’ll be tossing cookies”.

“Gross”, says Weaver. “Cookies do not go well with an egg salad sandwich.”

“Yeah!”, says Blue as he is in agreement with Weaver. “Everyone knows that Ice Cream pairs divinely with an egg salad sandwich”.

“Yum!”, remarks Weaver.

“One of those big ice cream companies should create an egg salad sandwich flavor!” remarks Blue!

Weaver’s eyes light up as he responds, “Oh, I would buy that!”

“GROSS!”, screams Frenchy as she runs off clasping her hand over her mouth as if she is going to be sick.

Blue and Weaver stare off in the direction Frenchy ran away towards. They sit quietly for about 20 seconds and then look back at each other.

“They should call it Eggstrava-Sandwich”, says Weaver.

“I say we get an electronic ice cream maker and invent this flavor ourselves”, suggests Blue.

Weaver’s eyes widen and his draw drops as he slowly spits out, “We… are. going to… be… SO-o-o-o… rich”.

And we have a RECIPE for an animated episode I am thinking about calling, “Chicken and Waffle Cones”.



I am working non-stop on new Fan Art for my upcoming appearance at Bayou City Comic Con here in Houston, Texas. My first pop-up banner has arrived as well and it will debut at the show. All the stops are being pulled out for this next show. I even took a week’s vacation just to draw new sketch cards.

I do NOT plan on bringing any prints. For this appearance, only art will be sold.. and my comic book. I am ready to fall flat on my face should no one want to make an investment in my art. There are no profits in my prints, so this move is more than just a whimsical romp. I am testing the waters for my future. If I am to continue with my comic con appearances, these shows need to begin making financial sense. I am ready to turn my gift, my skill, my talent into a successful business.

That said, I will continue making appearances if I cannot build a business out of my appearances. The future will of course change if the profits do not increase. I am planning to drop to three shows per year beginning in 2023 should this new move fail in building a real business out of my comic con appearances. Current plans are to keep one Houston-Based show (Either Comicpalooza or Bayou City Comic Con) and Bell County Comic Con. I am only keeping shows where I make a substantial profit.

There is a second twist to the upcoming year. I am also working harder to pitch my talent to publishers at these shows. The goal here is to pick up a few freelance projects. Next year, I will be illustrating another Chief and Sarge book. The goal is to snag at least two more projects where I split royalties from book sales. Hiring artists for a “one and done” fee is a thing of the past. The new trend is to produce art and get paid when the book sells… and to continue being paid as the book continues to sell. Royalties are the wave of the future. It is very risky should the book bomb and you never see a dime, but the reward is sweet when the book hits the best sellers list.



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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  1. The follow-up convo is great!

    On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 9:56 PM Charmy’s Army – The Comic Strip wrote:

    > fugcheese posted: ” So, what happens next? Up walks Blue and he asks, > “What the heck is that smell?!?” Frenchy, who was walking away, turns back > around and responds. “He is eating an egg sandwich made from spoiled eggs!” > “Awesome!”, Blue reacts enthusiastically” >

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