Frenchy and Charmy are not in sync in Today’s Comic Strip

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“Wait, those aren’t zinc tablets, those are antacids”, observes Charmy.

“Well, in that case, gimme”, says Frenchy. You’ve got my stomach all upset.

“Oopa eek!”, screeches Flimp/

“I do not need to learn to chillax!!!”, yells Frenchy as she scolds Flimp. “If anyone needs to learn to keep their cool, it’s you Flimp!”

“Oo?” asks Flimp.

“Yes, YOU!”, responds Frenchy as she points her finger at Flimp and shakes her hand violently as if shaking from rage.

Up walks Doc, the camp doctor who looks concerned.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa Frenchy”, says Doc in a calm tone of voice. “You are obviously under a lot of pressure”.

Well, I was last night anyways”, says Frenchy. “Stupid shoes. Never buy shoes online. So small. My feet are still killing me from all the pressure”.

“Yeah, not the pressure I am referring to”, explains Doc. “Frenchy, you need a vacation. I am going to request a two-week leave for you. I want you to go to my cousin’s pea farm”.

“Gross!”, exclaims Frenchy. “There is no such a thing as a pee farm!”

“Yes there is”, confirms Doc. “My cousin grows all sorts off peas… black-eyed peas, purple hulled peas, sweet peas”.

“Oh! That kind of pea farm!”, exhales Frenchy. “What a relief”.

“Not as much of a relief as that other kind of pee farm”, says Charmy with an evil grin.

“Gross”, says Doc.

“Hey Doc, Frenchy needs to be watched and taken care of”, suggests Charmy. “I am more than willing to give up my time and help keep distractions away if you wanna write me up one of those passes”.

“Great idea, I will go write these up and get Sarge’s signature”, says Doc as he walks away,

“That is so nice of you to go with me and make sure no one messes with me while I relax and regroup,” says Frenchy.

“My first task is to keep ME away from you,” explains Charmy. “I will take my trip as far away from the pea farm as I can get!”

Up walks Weaver so shouts “I want to go! My uncle runs one of those farms!”

“Really?”, asks Frenchy. What is your favorite type of pea?”

“Gross, O hate ’em”, says Weaver as he gags in disgust,

“Yeah, same”, says Charmy, “I prefer beans”.

“Oh!”, exclaoms Weaver. “You are talking about a PEA farm”.

“Gross”, says Frenchy.

End scene, This is the opening to the episode “Peas and Quiet from Season One of Charmy’s Army, the ANTimated Series.



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