Weaver Eats Another Day Old Egg Salad Sandwich



“Sorry”, says Weaver. “This is my last sandwich”.

“Dang it”, mutters Charmy. “I wish I could get out of that hike”.

“Well, there is still a way”, Weaver informs Charmy as he slowly turns his head and sets his sights on a filthy trash can with green and brown stains. “There must be something in there you could eat and get sick”.

“Cool!”, exclaims Charmy.

They walk over to the trash can and as they approach, the three flies known as Gravy, Gator, and Bees, beeline it to the trashcan. Upon their arrival, three exclamation points appear over their tiny heads and they scurry off as we hear what sounds like dogs whimpering.

“Um, that cannot be good”, figures Weaver.

“Oh, it’ll be okay”, says Charmy. I have to get out of this hike”.

Charmy reaches into the trash as the sounds of disgusting squishing noises are heard. Charmy’s facial cheeks begin puffing up as he does his best not to toss his cookies.

Charmy’s eyes light up as he pulls out a huge turkey leg.

“Holy macca noodle!”, yells Charmy as a huge grin comes across his face”.

“Whoa!”, says Weaver. “You’re so lucky! I never find anything like that when I go through the trash”.

“Um, you eat out of the trash?”, asks Charmy.

“No-o-o-o…”, says Weaver and pauses… and repeats, “No-o-o-o”….

“Gross dude”, says Charmy. “Anyways…”

Charmy turns his attention to the big turkey leg and continues, “Who throws away a perfectly good turkey leg?”

“It looks delicious!” says Weaver.

“And it is still warm!” says Charmy.

“Well, it is 102 degrees outside today”, Weavrer reminds Charmy. “The trash can is like an oven”.

“Yeah!”, says Charmy. “A warming oven”.

Charmy begin chomping down on the turkey legs.

“How is it?”, asks Weaver.

Frenchy and Flimp the Chimp walk up as they are talking.

“Tastes like chicken”, describes Charmy as he continues chomping away. “I wonder what the seasoning is?”

“That seasoning is probably the kitty litter I threw in there earlier”, says Frenchy. “I emptied out the camp’s litter box a few hours ago”.

Charmy’s face turns green and he runs off.

“Don’t get sick now!” yells Weaver. “You need to wait for the hike!”

Weaver runs off as Frenchy says, “I cannot believe they were eating that dead buzzard Sarge threw in the trash. Gross”.

Flimp the chimp turns green, holds his hand over his mouth, and runs off.



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